denim days

I'm not the type to have stacks of denim for days in my closet. {Its mostly all black. duh} I have worn denim a time or two on the blog. {Looks can be seen here and here}. With fall shopping at the top of my to-do list I have no choice but to accept that my denim game needs to step it up a bit. Here are a few pairs I've got my eyes on.... 


beauty buys

I'm excited to introduce a new series to The Mich Mix. Monthly I will be sharing my newest beauty finds. So without further adieu: 

I'm dying to try about a hundred more products from Glossier. I use the balm on my lips every morning during my make up routine and on my cuticles at night before bed. Given my immediate obsession with this balm I'm thinking about trying their supers line next.  

I first heard about First Aid Beauty from a few fellow bloggers who typically depend on higher end beauty lines. After their rave reviews I decided to test out the sleeping cream. It has been such a great addition to my nighttime beauty rotation. I wake up feeling moisturized and smooth. 

3. Ouai : Wave Spray $26
I mean if you haven't heard of Ouai you've been living under a rock {just kidding. kinda. not really}. Jen Atkin killed it with this wave spray. Its non sticky nature leaves the perfect amount of texture in my hair. The spray is one of the very best I've ever owned and with my fine hair, trust me I've tried too many wave sprays to count. What is the icing on the cake? The smell! Its amazing! 

This drying lotion was a rec straight from my girl Kylie. No joke. She snapped about it one night and I just had to have it. Truth be told I've never struggled with acne but get a random annoying bump every once in a while. Kylie swore that if you don't shake the bottle and dip a Q Tip into the bottom of the bottle and dab it on your bump or zit it will dry it out. Well thank god I splurged that night, I tried her technique just a couple nights later and it worked like a charm! Trust us. 

When I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet I spray on this all in one spray. I honestly can't exactly pinpoint why I can't go a night without it but it just makes my hair better... or maybe healthier.  My hair appear shinier and stronger when I use it on a regular basis. So I do!  


NYFW favs

Elizabeth & James // Look 15

J Crew // Look 35

Rag & Bone // Look 24

Erin Fetherston // Look 21

3.1 Phillip Lim // Look 40

Alexander Wang // Look 12

All images via Vogue

I can't even begin to count the number of wearable looks that were shown at the NYFW shows last week. I've only captured a few of my many favorites in this post. I love it when the designers send looks down the runway that can really translate into everyday style. 



Fall will be here before we know it. Cray. I'm not there yet..... and my closet really isn't there yet. I've updated my shop page with tons of new things I've got my eye on to get myself Fall ready. I'll be adding new items weekly in order to have a perfectly curated closet before the temps drop.